Career Cube Online Reporting System for Young Professional

Career Cube Online Reporting System is a specific system to ease the process of searching the participant's data. It consist of participant's performance during the workshop session; Image Enhancement Workshop (IEW) and/or Job Preparation Workshop (JPW) for Young Professional.

IEW for Young Professional focusing on how to dress at different workplace situations and practice appropriate business manners in performing future job functions.

JPW for Young Professional is about to write resume and cover letter that shows potential employers that they have clear direction in job searching.

During the learning session, participants been evaluated by the professional trainers of Career Cube.

Who get the access to the system?
Program Co-ordinator
Head of Division
General Manager

What data can be access?
Participant's Feedback
Participant's Learning
Participant's Competencies
Competencies Evaluation
Individual Competencies Performance

How the system benefit the organisation?
Download full post program report
Download individual competencies performance
Print individual cempetencies performance transcript

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